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10 Best Spider-Man Games That Aren’t Spider-Man 2 Or Marvel’s Spider-Man

Out of all the superheroes, Spider-Man has by far the greatest track record of high-quality video games. Though there have been quite a few missteps such as The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man: Edge of Time, and  Spider-Man 3, the vast majority of the webslinger’s games have been pretty excellent Spidey experiences. RELATED: 10 Storylines From Spider-Man Comics…

Out of all the superheroes, Spider-Man has by far the greatest track record of high-quality video games. Though there have been quite a few missteps such as The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man: Edge of Time, and  Spider-Man 3, the vast majority of the webslinger’s games have been pretty excellent Spidey experiences.

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Obviously, 2004’s Spider-Man 2 and 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man are the greatest Spider-Man games of all time, but what is to be done with those left in their dust? The unsung heroes of the Spider-Man license will finally get the spotlight they deserve today.

10 The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man is a pretty forgettable affair, but its video game tie-in is a little more memorable. Serving as a sequel to the film, the game introduces new versions of villains like Rhino, The Scorpion, Black Cat, and even Vermin.

Though the visuals are a bit drab, the game’s controls are solid, its story is alright, and the DLC, which allows you to play as Rhino as well as Stan Lee, is pretty good. This game is a far better sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man than the one we actually got.

9 Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro (2001)

A follow-up to the original game from 2000, Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro is the same in terms of controls and gameplay, though the story is a bit less exciting. Spider-Man has to stop Electro but to do so, he has to go through villains like Shocker, Hammerhead, The Lizard, and Sandman.

The lineup of villains is nowhere near as dynamic as the original game’s and the story doesn’t have a unique hook like before. Nevertheless, give this game a go if the original was something you fancied, it will definitely scratch the same itch.

8 Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows (2008)

Web of Shadows is possibly the most divisive Spider-Man game of all time. In a war against an invading symbiote armada, Spider-Man must join forces with heroes like Wolverine, Luke Cage, Black Widow, and Moon Knight, along with villains such as Venom, Kingpin, Rhino, and Electro.

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The game’s dark tone and mechanics relying on choice are the game’s main selling points, but they also might turn off quite a few players. Everyone should play Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, but whether they finish the game is up to their mileage.

7 Spider-Man And Venom: Maximum Carnage (1994)

Speaking of symbiotes! LJN may be remembered today as the mortal nemesis of The Angry Video Game Nerd due to the low quality of their games, but some of their efforts bore fruit. Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage follows the comic storyline it’s based on to the letter, arguably surpassing its source material.

The game is a cherished memory for 90’s comic book nerds, with regular gamers being in for a treat as well. While the game is famous in its own right, it is perhaps best known for the absolute nightmare fuel that was the commercial promoting it.

6 Spider-Man: The Video Game (1991)

Back in the 1990s, the arcade that was probably located next to the local Blockbuster was the place to be, with Spider-Man: The Video Game being a fun game to play while everyone else played Mortal Kombat. A game similar to Final Fight in mechanics, players who don’t wish to play as Spidey can play as Black Cat, Namor, or Hawkeye.

With bosses ranging from Hobgoblin and Electro to The Kingpin and Doctor Doom, arcade patrons likely lost plenty of quarters to this game. 90’s nostalgia aside, Spider-Man: The Video Game is a hidden gem that definitely deserves a lot more attention.

5 Spider-Man (2002)

While the early Blade and X-Men movies established that superhero movies were getting better, 2002’s Spider-Man cemented that they were here to stay. A loose adaptation of the movie, with Tobey Maguire and Willem Dafoe in tow, the game also features Shocker, Vulture, Scorpion, as well as Kraven The Hunter depending on the system.

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Adopting the controls from the 2000 Playstation 1 game, Spider-Man improves the controls with the Sam Raimi flare that made the movie special. Fun fact, if the code Herman Schultz is typed into the cheat code menu, the player can use The Shocker as a skin.

4 Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (2010)

The first of the Beenox bunch, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is easily the best Spider-Man game by the developer. When Mysterio shatters The Tablet of Order and Chaos, it’s up to Spider-Man, along with his Ultimate, 2099, and Noir counterparts to save the day.

At a time when the open-world formula was starting to get a bit stale, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions’ more linear gameplay was a breath of fresh air for many. It isn’t for everyone, but it’s a solid Spidey game.

3 Ultimate Spider-Man (2005)

At the time Ultimate Spider-Man was released, the comic series it spun-off from was one of the most popular comic books in the world. Written by Brian Michael Bendis who actually wrote the comics, the game was developed by Treyarch, who developed Spider-Man 2.

Giving fans the opportunity to play as Venom along with Spider-Man, the game’s controls are a tad more refined than Spider-Man 2’s and the cell-shaded, Mark Bagley inspired graphics have aged far better. If a fan wanted an interactive Ultimate Universe experience, you can do a lot worse than Ultimate Spider-Man.

2 Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2020)

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a mouthful of a title aside, is an achievement in superhero gaming. While it is shorter than the 2018 original and its villain isn’t quite as strong as William Salyers’ Otto Octavius, the game is a true contender for “best Spider-Man game of all time.”

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Not only was this game a joyous distraction from the misery that was the COVID-19 pandemic, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales not only lives up to the original, but there are also many areas where it surpasses it. The plot will not be spoiled here, just play the game as soon as possible.

1 Spider-Man (2000)

20 years before Miles Morales entertained millions of gamers, Spider-Man, the 2000 video game, was released to the public. Receiving critical acclaim right out of the gate, Spider-Man is a highly entertaining time capsule of early 2000s Spider-Man.

When Spider-Man is framed for a crime he didn’t commit, he must make his way past Scorpion, Rhino, Venom, Mysterio, Doc Ock, and Carnage in order to get to the bottom of it. Feeling like a story ripped straight from the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, it may be hard to track down these days, but if it can be found it’s still worth playing.

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