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10 Things To Remember From the MCU Before Starting The Series

After a whole year without any Marvel content, 2021 is already looking promising with the upcoming release of Disney+’s WandaVision. The series will be the first Marvel project released since Spider-Man: Far From Home, considering the pandemic pushed several Marvel projects to 2021 and onward. RELATED: MCU: 10 Unresolved Questions WandaVision Needs To Answer Luckily,…

After a whole year without any Marvel content, 2021 is already looking promising with the upcoming release of Disney+’s WandaVision. The series will be the first Marvel project released since Spider-Man: Far From Home, considering the pandemic pushed several Marvel projects to 2021 and onward.

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Luckily, WandaVision looks to become the next biggest thing on the platform. After first appearing in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Wanda Maximoff and Vision, played by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, have their personal story narrated on-screen, but it is pretty freaky than most anticipated. As viewers prepare themselves for the show’s release on January 15, it is also time to play some catch up as to what has happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the one-year break in Marvel projects.

10 Wanda and Vision’s Powers Come From The Mind Stone

This is one of those cases where the movies detract from the source materials of the comics. When the X-Men was still apart of 20th Century Fox, Marvel had to rearrange the story arc of Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a. Scarlet Witch. Rather than being considered a mutant, her powers originated from the mind stone while under the experimentation with Hydra. Some of the powers she possesses included telekinesis, flight, and telepathy.

Vision also has direct relations with the mind stone as it a part of him. Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, and even Thor created Vision with the technology used for JARVIS. Since then, he has vowed to protect humanity at all costs. Henceforth, he was hunted down by Thanos during the Infinity War as Vision had the mind stone. Some of the powers he possesses included density manipulation, flight, energy blasts, and durability.

9 Both Vision & Wanda Fought Against Ultron In Sokovia

Scarlet Witch betrays Ultron

As aforementioned, both Wanda and Vision made their on-screen debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Initially, Wanda and her brother Pietro were assets to Hydra, but they changed their alliance with the Avengers after realizing the truth about Ultron’s plan of destroying humanity. She took down several of Ultron’s bots while watching the machine that could prove catastrophic if activated.

Vision also played a crucial role in taking down Ultron as he joined The Avengers in battling out all of Ultron’s army. He even saved Wanda when the machine activated, but the Avengers destroyed the empty landmass in time before further consequences. Vision also found the final living remnant of Ultron before his eventual extinction.

8 Wanda’s Brother Pietro Died In Sokovia

Sadly, Wanda is one Avenger that lived through heartbreak throughout her whole life, which could be crucial to her current state in the upcoming series. As a child, she and her twin brother Pietro lost their parents and became inseparable before Ultron. Like Wanda, Pietro, a.k.a. Quicksilver, experimented under Hydra, which gave him super speed.

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Unfortunately, a tragedy occurred during the Battle of Sokovia as her twin brother was killed by one of Ultron’s bots while shielding to save Hawkeye and a child. Wanda felt her brother’s death, leading to the full emotional fiery while at her post. This sadly is the not last misfortune, which could prove to be the beginning of her instability with her powers and her ability to control them.

7 There Was A Civil War Between The Avengers

It may seem like ages ago, but about five years ago, the Avengers had conflicted viewpoints and ideology within the group that led to their breakup. This problem arose due to the failed mission in Lagos, as it became the last straw. Wanda’s power accidentally blew up a building while attempting to contain a bomb. The Sokovia Accords was introduced to maintain some jurisdiction with the Avengers, although the responses were mixed.

Captain America did not agree to sign the deal as he believed that the Avengers was still the best defense, while Tony Stark believed that the Avengers needed to be held accountable. Unfortunately, the couple supported different sides, with Wanda teaming with Captain America and Vision teaming with Tony Stark. Wanda was imprisoned after the battle at the airport, but she escaped with Captain America’s help.

6 Wanda & Vision Were Dating For A While Before Thanos Showed Up

Wanda and Vision in Captain America Civil War

Before the Civil War, Wanda and Vision’s relationship was flourishing into something more romantic. However, after the Civil War, both Wanda and Vision dealt with the consequences. Along with members like Captain America and Black Widow, Wanda became a fugitive. Vision also went offline to spend his romantic moments with Wanda whenever they got the chance. Their romances were short-lived when Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive attacked them.

Also, Vision was wounded and weakened after being stabbed by Glaive to retrieve the mind stone. However, they were madly in love that Wanda would do anything to protect him, which was the case during the Battle of Wakanda, or so she tried. While Shuri attempted to extract the mind stone from Vision’s head, Wanda proved herself powerful and noteworthy at the Battle of Wakanda, destroying Threshers and killing Midnight.

5 Both Wanda & Vision Died In Infinity War

Avengers Thanos and Vision Dead

Unfortunately, Avengers: Infinity War was an emotionally heartbreaking movie as viewers watched several of their favorite characters die on-screen. Although Wanda initially destroyed the mind stone, Thanos reversed the actions by Wanda with the time stone. He eventually killed Vision while extracting the final stone for his collection and fulfill the inevitable.

With Thanos completing his Gauntlet, he successfully snapped half the population from existence. Sadly, one of the victims was Wanda Maximoff as she slowly perished away as she stood next to Vision’s lifeless body.

4 Half The Population Returned From “The Blip” In 2023

Betty Brandt covers the Blip

Shockingly, Thanos succeeded in his mission while the remaining Avengers lived in defeat for five years. Even after killing 2018 Thanos when they found him, it did absolutely nothing to bring back the missing population.

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The survivors lived through five years of heartbreak and loneliness before there was any hope of bringing back those who perished. Eventually, the Avengers found a way by traveling back in time to retrieve the prospective infinity stones to undo the snap, which became known as “The Blip.” Wanda was one of the Avengers who revived from the second snap. However, Vision remains dead.

3 Time Traveling Is Integral In The MCU

Time Travel MCU Avengers Endgame

As mentioned before, the Avengers would not have succeeded in their mission had it not been for the time machine created by Tony Stark. The Infinity Saga ended as a result, but it appears that time travel may still become a reoccurring theme.

There have been hints of a multiverse throughout the MCU, such as Spider-Man: Far From Home. In Antman & the Wasp, the quantum realm was vital to learning about time travel and perhaps even the multiverse. Doctor Strange also had his experiences with controlling time when he still possessed the time stone. The series may introduce the multiverse and become central to future stories in the MCU.

2 Monica Rambeau First Appeared In Captain Marvel

Monica Rambeau in Captain Marvel

One character that is confirmed to appear in the series aside from the two main leads is Monica Rambeau. However, this is not the first time that fans saw Rambeau on-screen. She first appeared in Captain Marvel but as the young daughter of Carol Denver’s best friend, Maria Rambeau. Of course, the movie took place in 1995, while the series takes place sometime around 2023.

While an older Monica will appear in the series, she is not the only returning character. The series will also see Darcy make her on-screen return after her last appearance in Thor: The Dark World, who helped Thor take down Malekith.

1 Wanda/Scarlet Witch Single-Handedly Almost Destroyed Thanos

WandaVision Explores Scarlet Witch’s Past & Full Strength Powers

One of the most badass moments in Avengers: Endgame was watching Wanda annihilate Thanos. Wanda lost her family, lost her home, and lost her brother. When Vision was all she had left, he was also taken away from her, thanks to Thanos.

Therefore, Wanda finally got her opportunity to channel her rage towards a 2014 Thanos, who still had yet to meet Wanda. Regardless, Wanda battled against Thanos with little effort to seek revenge for her lover. She was so powerful that she almost obliterated Thanos. Eventually, Tony Stark makes the final snap that extinguished Thanos and his army for good.

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