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10 Things We Hope To See For Big

The suave, cynical antithesis to Carrie’s rambunctious romantic, Mr. Big nevertheless captured her heart (and the hearts of millions of fans) on Sex and the City, where for six seasons viewers watched the couples’ whirlwind romance with baited breath. After breaking up and getting back together several times, they finally tied the knot in the Sex and the City movie, but their…

The suave, cynical antithesis to Carrie’s rambunctious romantic, Mr. Big nevertheless captured her heart (and the hearts of millions of fans) on Sex and the City, where for six seasons viewers watched the couples’ whirlwind romance with baited breath. After breaking up and getting back together several times, they finally tied the knot in the Sex and the City movie, but their married life continued to be defined by turbulence.

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Now that a Sex and the City revival has been announced, fans will get to see what has become of not only Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda, but the swarthy financier who’s partial to Henry Mancini records and fine cigars. Will he still be referring to Carrie as “kid” when she’s in her 50s? What is in store for Mr. Big?

10 Being Alive

Fans have been concerned about Mr. Big’s fate ever since an unrealized early script for the previously planned third movie mentioned his sudden death. Chris Noth has gone on the record saying it was all a lie, but that didn’t necessarily assuage their fear.

Even Carrie Bradshaw herself remained cryptic recently, with Sarah Jessica Parker simply telling her loyal followers to “Wait and see”. Hopefully after the rocky road it took to bring the pair together, they’re in it for the long haul.

9 Emotional Growth

Big Carrie laughing at dinner

One of the cornerstones of Big’s personality in the series was being emotionally unavailable. Whenever Carrie tried to get close to him he simply pulled away, which unfortunately made him only more desirable in her eyes. He wasn’t the sort to be particularly vulnerable with anyone, a coping mechanism from past heartache.

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Big could also be other things like charming, droll, and sensitive, and after being married to Carrie for over a decade one would hope that he’d accessed those other aspects of himself. He should be allowed to move on beyond his Byronic archetype and be a more authentic person who’s learned from his mistakes.

8 Better Character Development

For much of the original series, Big lacked any sort of depth. According to executive producer Michael Patrick King in the DVD commentary, he wasn’t even given a real name specifically to appear perpetually “out of Carrie’s reach,” essentially turning his character into a narrative device that is kept up until the final episode.

With his presence greatly reduced in the movies by having Carrie and her friends traveling, the revival will hopefully be able to round out his character a little more, giving him interests, hobbies, and a little more complexity.

7 Working On Trust

Big and Carrie’s relationship was built on a precarious foundation. Early in their courtship, Big was cagey about introducing her to his friends or family, something that only magnified Carrie’s doubts about their communication and trust. However, despite his behavior, she still cheated with him while he was married to Natasha and she was dating Aidan.

While they ended up getting married in the first Sex and the City movie, she cheated on him when she ran into Aidan in Abu Dhabi in Sex and the City 2, which led to them almost separating. After over a decade of marriage, fans would hope they could work on the trust portion of their relationship.

6 Getting A Divorce

Big an Carrie’s relationship often brought out the worst in the two characters. It’s entirely possible that the revival will uproot their fairytale romance. Big was never very good with grand romantic gestures, and Chris Noth contends that anything over the top, like buying Carrie a diamond ring after she cheated on him in Abu Dhabi with Aidan, would be out of form for him.

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It could be in the best interest of Big’s character (as well as Carrie’s) for them to go their separate ways, with their divorce providing a dramatic storyline for the revival. Big never wanted to get married a third time, and perhaps it wasn’t the charm.

5 A Career Change Or Possible Retirement

For most of Sex and the City, fans couldn’t quite figure out what Mr. Big did. Through various clues and hints they ascertained he worked on Wall Street, and dealt with large sums of money, as evidenced by him writing a check to Carrie for $40,000 because of her spending habits without blinking.

There was a point when Big wanted a break from the rat race of the city, and bought a house and a vineyard in Napa Valley. It would be interesting to see Big in a completely different line of work in his later years, perhaps as a sommelier? Since he’ll be in his sixties, perhaps he’s retired altogether.

4 Becoming A Father

One of the biggest causes of heartache in Big and Carrie’s relationship was the fact that Big was very set in his ways and Carrie was very spontaneous. Their arguments often led back to Big’s inability to compromise and take Carrie’s needs into consideration. Their communication style begs the question; what would happen if the subject of kids ever came up?

While her friends were having children, Carrie’s perspective on becoming a mother wasn’t focused on very much. If she did decide to have a child later in life, it would also be a big commitment for Big, who’s ten years her senior. The discussion could form one of the most dramatic and touching moments in the revival, no matter what their decision ultimately is.

3 Being Healthy

Big after heart surgery

Big had a particular lifestyle that he flaunted, which included ordering steaks and bourbon at gourmet restaurants at extremely late hours, and then going to bed. As he got into his 40s, his habits were forced to change, with heart surgery being a major wake up call for the swarthy financier.

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Big will be in his 60s in the revival, so fans can only hope that a few decades of following the advice of his doctors have led to him being healthier than ever. Besides, the ten-episode series doesn’t need to be dominated by another scenario where Big makes himself emotionally vulnerable to Carrie while he’s recovering, and then becomes more distant once he heals.

2 Sporting A New Look

Chris Noth Mr Big Sex and the City today

For much of the original series, Big was known to stalk down the streets of New York City in a big black overcoat, giving off wiseguy vibes. Chris Noth has been known to sport a salt and pepper coiffure and a beard, as well as a completely clean-shaven head, so perhaps Big will debut a more distinguished look when fans see him again.

Ageing will inevitably be addressed in the revival, and no doubt Big, being one of the oldest members of the main cast, will have some keens words of insight to extol as he embraces looking like he walked out of a Dos Equis commercial.

1 A Better Relationship With Carrie’s Friends

Carrie may have loved Big but her friends certainly didn’t, especially after how many times he made her sob into her scrambled eggs and mimosas. On the rare occasions he pulled through and managed to gain their trust, he’d do something to hurt Carrie and the cycle would repeat itself.

If Big is still with Carrie, he’s hopefully developed a better rapport with her cohort in the revival, because it’s highly unlikely they’d let her stay married to him if he kept being disrespectful of her feelings and invalidating her emotions.

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