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10 Things We Hope To See For Charlotte

With her pastel shift dresses and perky attitude, Charlotte York always stood out from her friends on Sex and the City. Their urban cynicism often clashed with her more traditional values, but nevertheless, they valued her upbeat perspective on romance, and fans grew to find her fervent belief in true love endearing. Now that the…

With her pastel shift dresses and perky attitude, Charlotte York always stood out from her friends on Sex and the City. Their urban cynicism often clashed with her more traditional values, but nevertheless, they valued her upbeat perspective on romance, and fans grew to find her fervent belief in true love endearing. Now that the popular HBO series is getting a ten-episode revival, viewers can’t wait to see what the Park Avenue diva has been up to.

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The two sequel movies painted an idyllic picture of Charlotte’s life, complete with two daughters, Harry her devoted husband, and Elizabeth Taylor her King Charles Spaniel show dog. But just because she seems to have it all doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot more ways for her story to continue.

10 Owning Her Own Gallery

Charlotte York gallery

Charlotte was a deeply knowledgeable and well-respected art dealer before she met her first husband Trey, and she put her dreams of owning her own gallery on hold once they got married. After they divorced she never did open her gallery, despite getting an impressive settlement.

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With her children grown by the time of the revival, it would be wonderful to see her finally realize her dream. The artworld is always in flux, and it would be interesting to see if Charlotte has kept her finger on the pulse of current trends and artists.

9 Supporting Young Artists

Charlotte showing Eileen and Lydia the gallery

Charlotte always had a great eye for art, and never kept her opinions to herself about which up-and-coming artists to feature in the galleries she dealt with. The more thought-provoking and provocative the better, and despite holding somewhat more traditional views herself, she celebrated artists that took risks confronting patriarchal notions of women.

The revival could focus on Charlotte continuing to support artists, especially young creative minds looking to break past the gatekeepers and elitism of the art world. Perhaps she’s a constant presence on Patreon or sets up art pop-ups all over New York City.

8 Making Her Own Art

Charlotte York Neville Morgan paintings

Occasionally Charlotte stepped away from being an artistic observer and jumped into creating art herself. This was usually done in collaborations with famous artists like Neville Morgan and often involved pushing Charlotte’s personal boundaries. Creating art was always a liberating experience for her because it allowed her to become less afraid of intimacy and unlocked her potential, and it would be wonderful to see her still involved in the creative process.

The revival might find Charlotte coming into her own as an artist, finally making her own pieces after years of being connected to other people’s work. No doubt fans would be curious about exactly what sort of art style Charlotte would have, and what her pieces revealed about her.

7 Furthering Her Career As a Museum Docent

In the Sex and the City movies, Charlotte was a museum docent, which seemed a very suitable job for someone as organized as she was. No doubt her attention to detail and ability to memorize multiple artist’s portfolios of work helped her catalog artifacts and write condition reports.

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Perhaps in the revival Charlotte will have worked her way up from being a docent into a leadership role, and she’ll be interested in becoming an assistant curator. If Diana Prince/Wonder Woman can work at the Smithsonian in Wonder Woman 1984, Charlotte York certainly can.

6 Happily Married

Charlotte York and her family

Unlike her friends, Charlotte’s dream was always to get married and have children. Unfortunately, her pursuit of The One often contributed to her unhappiness, since no one could live up to the expectations she had for her future – not even Trey, the handsome, moneyed cardiologist.

Despite being the opposite of Charlotte in every way, Harry Goldenblatt became her unlikely -but completely perfect- match and Charlotte began to shed the confines of the fairytale she had built in her mind. Charlotte was willing to put in the work with Harry, and he supported her in the ways she needed but couldn’t communicate, making them one of the strongest couples in the original series.

5  A Good Relationship With Her Kids

Charlotte and her daughters lily and rose and husband harry

Charlotte’s parenting style wasn’t really showcased very much in the movies. By the time she had Lily and Rose, she was leaving them with Harry and gallivanting with the girls around the globe. Hopefully, the revival will focus on the sort of parent she’s grown to be, and how that will reflect her values versus what her children might be interested in.

Her children would be entering their teens by the time of the revival, and the world has changed significantly in the decade since the last movie was released. Hopefully, Charlotte supports her children and their choices and learns something from them in the process of guiding them through life.

4 A Smart House

In the original series, technology went through a lot of significant changes. Between 1998 and 2004, cellphones became smaller and smaller, laptops became thinner, and payphones began to disappear. But whereas Carrie was a self-professed Luddite when it came to technology, Charlotte might be much more tech-savvy, especially when it comes to her home.

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No doubt Charlotte would have embraced smart devices because they would make her life easier and more efficient. She’s the type that would have an Alexa in every room, want to be able to turn her lights off from London, and of course, want her refrigerator to text her when her milk was running low.

3 Accepting Herself

Charlotte York in a swimsuit

Out of all the women in the original series, Charlotte had the hardest time accepting what she looked like. While her friends and male companions praised her beauty, she spent many episodes lamenting the size of her thighs, or the fact that she wasn’t as thin as the runway models men in New York City lusted after.

Now that the Body Positivity movement has taken off in the interim since the series ended, Charlotte might finally be able to embrace her size and shape. Her children might even be the ones to help her do this if she’s still hung up on past insecurities.

2 Reconnecting With Trey

charlotte marries trey in season 3 of sex and the city

While Carrie’s former amour Aidan Shaw showed up after the original series ended, Charlotte never ran into Trey again. They went through their divorce process with him off-screen, and everything was settled while he was in Scotland. Everything was so amicably done, that it would be interesting to see what would happen if Trey appeared in Charlotte’s life again.

Despite the problems in her first marriage, there are some fans who still liked her and Trey together. Besides, seeing Kyle McLachlan again would be a fun connection to the original series.

1 Strong Relationship With Her Friends

Sex and the City Miranda Charlotte Carrie

Charlotte was the one who suggested the girls all be “each other’s soulmates”, which implied that regardless of whether or not her friends were single or attached, they would promise to remain true to one another and constants in each other’s lives.

One can only hope that her ties to Miranda and Carrie will be as strong as ever and that she still keeps in touch with Anthony because Charlotte was often the one rooting for them all to succeed in their dreams.

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