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49 Inspirational Marketing Tips From Top Authors

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Hey Maverick!   I thought I want to do something a little bit different! I want to share some kindle-tastic kindle publishing tips with you!   Everday I receive emails and messages asking me how I build my website, publish books, run my Instagram, Pinterest  etc   Truthfully, I’m not that confident that everything I do…

Hey Maverick!


I thought I want to do something a little bit different! I want to share some kindle-tastic kindle publishing tips with you!


Everday I receive emails and messages asking me how I build my website, publish books, run my Instagram, Pinterest  etc


Truthfully, I’m not that confident that everything I do actually works for you. But I learned a lot over the last 4 years of self-publishing online. Which allow me to quit my day job to work from home full time.


Now I can do what I love doing because I have a passive income stream and I don’t have to rely on a month-to-month paycheck.


But don’t quit your job tomorrow. I didn’t quit my job until I had my side hustle going for 31 months.


Be responsible. You have to work on it over time but every day move closer towards this goal.


So, for the next 12 days, I’m going to share some self-publishing tips and guides to help you start your Kindle publishing, building a passive income and ultimately quit your day job!


Day 1: 5 Things Beginners Need to Know About Kindle Publishing

Day 2: 7 Reasons Why You Should Create an eBook for Your Business

Day 3: How to Write and Publish an eBook

Day 4: How To Find Profitable Niches To Publish Online

Day 5: The Biggest Mistake I Made In Self-Publishing and How You Can Avoid It

Day 6: 6 Steps To Sell More Books on Amazon

Day 7: Designing Book Covers That Sell

Day 8: 7 Most Common Self-Publishing Mistakes

Day 9: 40 Ways to Promote and Market Your Book

Day 10: 49 Inspirational Marketing Tips From Top Authors

Day 11: Top 10 Best Tools for Self-Publishing Authors

Day 12: 12 Best Platforms to Self-Publish Your eBook and Make Money


Today, I’m going to share with you 49 inspirational marketing tips from top authors.


Have you ever wondered what are some of the favorite Marketing strategies authors use?

It’s not something that most top authors like to talk about in the open, but it works really well for them secretly.


If you want to eavesdrop of some of their most treasured marketing tips, then read on.


Sometimes marketing can be a stressful endeavor for you if you’re an author just starting out.


After all the work you’ve done to prepare your manuscript, you need to be your own publicist to reach the right audiences for your book.


Whether you’re an indie author or traditionally published, you can take a peek into some of the best advice and tips top authors can give on marketing books.


From inspirational advice to strategic promotional tips ~ Here it is.


  1. “My number one piece of marketing advice is to Network. And, by networking, I don’t mean getting friends on Facebook and spending all your time on Twitter and LinkedIn, but working really hard to ensure that you know the people in a real way” – Erin MacPherson


  1. “Every aspect of writing, including marketing is based on relationships. As an author, you should be aware that you are connecting with people, not their demographics.” – Kevin Kaiser, WD


  1. “There are only three rules in marketing. An effective marketing plan makes out what the book is about, where it wants to be, and how it plans to get there.” – Steve Lance and Paul Kurnit


  1. “Know the art to make the readers really, really happy. That is all there is to know about marketing. ” – Andy Sernovitz


  1. “Building up an author base is critical for a new author, and creating a unique brand forms the basis of such platforms. Have a clear-cut understanding of what you are building up from the start!” – Joanna Penn


  1. “Watch out exactly what other authors are doing, especially in your area of expertise. Build a rapport with them and follow them and study them and understand how they get their inspiration” – Barbara Techel


  1. “Try out something out-of-the-box for your launch or if you are a new writer. Hundreds of authors out there are doing the exact same thing and to make people interested in your book, you really have to do something unique.” – Michelle Krys


  1. “Thirty seconds and that’s all the time you are going to get to make someone interested in your book. As an author or a publisher use that time effectively to convey what you have in your mind” – Sarah Bolme


  1. “Content is the king and should be the heart and soul of all your marketing strategies. However, it is equally important to keep the presentation of the content in mind as well.” – Tim Frick


  1. “The days of billboards and advertisements are effectually over as the world has already made a head start towards the virtual world. Learn and adapt to the tricks of online marketing as it is the future of how your work would be spoken across. “– Jody Hedlund


  1. “Even in this digital age, the “Word of mouth” is probably the most powerful tool. You will be more interested to read something new because your friend has suggested it rather than getting to know about it from an ad” – Amy McGuire


  1. “Book marketing is the art of giving the right people, the right thing to read, with the right offer, and more importantly at the right time. You forego even one and you could land in a soup.” – Matt Bailey


  1. “At the end of the day, you as an author make the rules. Base your Author Foundation around the things you are interested about, the things you would love to do, love to write about, and love to share with people.” – Matthew Turner


  1. “There are more than one million new books published each year and the world is not ready for authors who just write more books. Rather, the world is on the lookout for authors who know how to get their books across to more readers and get them involved.” – Rob Eagar


  1. “There are strictly no rules in marketing and there is certainly no dearth of creativity. Do not be afraid to be creative and experiment a little on the end when you publish your book. – Mike Volpe, Chief marketing officer for Hubspot


  1. “Take the time to build up relationships with your readers and do not concentrate on sales initially. Personable relationships with your readers, once established can pave the way for recognition and the sales will follow on their own”- Steena Holmes


  1. “Writers are in a way like farmers: The ripe-bountiful harvest comes in the end, but only when you toil your guts out for a few seasons. Never get bogged down by criticism or negative reviews” – Cheryl Strayed, WD


  1. “This is actually the most fascinating time in history to be an author. Power and freedom and even money are at stake…if you get a hold of what’s happening right now and how you act upon it.” – Jonathan Fields


  1. “You certainly would not cook an entree for the first time without using a recipe and the same goes for your book. Have a marketing plan ready for your book and in many cases, this recipe makes all the difference between triumph and falling flat.” – Paula Krapf


  1. “Book marketing is an art by itself. It should be planned to the minutest detail whenever possible.” – Heather Hart


  1. “As an author, it’s not your job to please everyone out there. Concentrate on a core group of people who share your passion and eventually these people will become your true fans and help in promotion.”- Lindsay Buroker


  1. “Consider giving a round of discounts or free copies during the release week, especially if you are a new author. This can impulsively make the audience grow and can help you boost your rank and visibility.” – Elizabeth Briggs


  1. “Readers always look to connect with the authors and they will certainly root for you if you are honest. Create a marketing campaign – be it a tweet, an Instagram post, or a YouTube video- that is natural and as authentic as possible.” – Lindsay Cummings


  1. “Having a personal network is a great asset as far as book reviews go. Whenever someone comes out and tells you that they have read your book, make it a point to gently remind them to leave their review and that you would really appreciate it” – Dan Koboldt


  1. “Don’t sell yourself too low as there is enough possibility that people will undervalue you. Always set a fair price for you and your book and in many cases try putting out a little more than what you expect it to sell- It is never going to hurt anyone.”– John Kremer


  1. “One of the best ways which always works out in marketing is to make that emotional connection with the reader. Logic can help you only as much to make them think, but emotion and emotional content makes them to act.” – Rob Eagar, Sell Your Book Like WildFire


  1. “Want to be a successful author/writer? Then there are only three things to follow – Promote, promote, and finally promote more!” – Lynette Phillips


  1. “Focus on building one great book at a time. Even when you are topping the charts, your next book is always crucial and should go about it just like how you would have done with your first book.”- Bella Andre


  1. “Do not let the promotion of one book take up all your writing time of your next book. Promotion is important but still, your actual job is to write and your time is valuable.” – Katherine Locke


  1. “Back pages of any book are mostly underutilized and if you are writing a book series then there is no better way than to use those pages effectively. On the back pages write a synopsis of the next in series or leave them a chapter from the next series and end it in the exact part where the reader would be more inclined to know more”. – Noah Lukeman


  1. “People don’t want to be sold and what people generally want is news and information – about the things and instances they care about. As an author, you are in a unique position to give them that and once you achieve this, there is no looking back.” – Larry Webber


  1. “There is a false notion that exists among the author’s community that readers do not like marketing. It is actually the other way around and readers do tolerate a certain level of marketing and every writer out there can use this piece of space to his/her advantage.” – Mike Duran


  1. “There never has been and never will be a ‘one–size–fits–all’ adage in terms of marketing. The only way to connect with your audience is to know your people and build up from it – from the scratch in some cases.” – Stuart Mills


  1. “From an author or a writer perspective, it is always your name that acts as your brand. Publicize or indulge in self-promotion to an extent, to make your brand visible, so that when your books come into the store you have a readymade audience available. “– Keli Gwyn


  1. “The time we live in had made the Web like a Hollywood agent; it speaks out for you even when you are not around there to comment. Use the web to your advantage and fill it with your ideas that you want to convey across.” – Chris Brogan and Julien Smith


  1. “There is no such thing as the words ‘no market’ for your writings. It is just niche orientated and you have to make the effort to identify that niche group who would value your book.” – Jo Linsdell


  1. “Never be constantly in the selling mode- Sometimes it makes sense to connect with people through your stories, by helping them out and by sharing everything you know. Portray yourself as someone who people can trust and bond rather than someone who constantly tries to sell them something.” – C.C. Chapman


  1. “Use Social media only as per your comfort level and do not follow the herd. If you feel that you are uncomfortable with something, never pursue it and stick to your comfort zone.” Jeff Zentner


  1. “Be very well versed and knowledgeable in your niche and it doesn’t hurt to give out a few information free of charge to gain people’s trust. Once this bond is set, you can make effective use of this relationship to promote every word you write.” – Heather Hart


  1. “Don’t chase the trends as it is what pretty much everyone does. Instead, write what you would like and love to write about as everything starts out there.” – Blake Crouch


  1. “Sometimes the things that count cannot be counted. You can count up sales, fans, followers, the number of tweets and likes but you cannot count in passion, relationship and you cannot count in commitment – That happens on their own in any networking.” – John Kremer


  1. “Either by force or choice, successful self-publishing will require an author to become great marketers, in more ways than one. The world of writers has jumped on the bandwagon of commerce and they have to follow the trend to stay ahead of the competition or be left behind.” – Joel Friedlander


  1. “Just because you have not done something, don’t assume that it won’t work for you. Never discard an idea in marketing unless you run it thoroughly and looking at the pros and cons – what hadn’t worked out for the other may actually end up working for you!” – Cathy Stucker, IdeaLady.com


  1. “An old adage, ‘If you take care of the minutes now, the hours will take care of by themselves,’ certainly applies to the world of book marketing. Give equal importance to the marketing part, as your ideas are valuable only to you without it.” – Phyllis Sather


  1. “Never try to be someone that you are not. People can spot a spinner easily and you do not want to fall into the category just because someone with a large base does it that way.” – Joe Wikert


  1. “Authors should make the branding as individualized as possible and by all means should start with their existing fans. This approach creates an excitement before a launch and can directly have an impact on the prevailing sales”. – Becky Albertalli


  1. “The future of branding depends on marketing with people, and not on the people. First, build up relationships and second, maintain them at all costs to achieve this! ” – John Morgan


  1. “The competition is tough out there. The modern-day writer has really no choice but to keep promoting his or her books, whether it is their first book or the fifteenth.” – Jody Hedlund


  1. “Marketing is the art and science of creating need. You can reach out but it is far more effective to attract them like a magnet” – Alan Weiss, Million dollar Consulting


No two types of marketing are the same and every book that is on the verge of seeing the light requires a unique marketing strategy on their own.


Today book marketing is all about being a step ahead in terms of building relationships and keeping the readers engaged.


That is the key.


Well, there you go!

We sincerely hope that you found some much-needed inspiration and if you have your own words of wisdom as an author, you can share them in the comments below.


This is day 10 of 12 Days of Self-Publishing Tips to make passive income online! 


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