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7 Reasons Why You Should Create an eBook for Your Business

7 Reasons Why You Should Create an eBook for Your Business image
Hey Maverick!   I thought I want to do something a little bit different! I want to share some kindle-tastic kindle publishing tips with you!   Everday I receive emails and messages asking me how I build my website, publish books, run my Instagram, Pinterest  etc   Truthfully, I’m not that confident that everything I do…

7reasons why you should create an eBook for your business

Hey Maverick!


I thought I want to do something a little bit different! I want to share some kindle-tastic kindle publishing tips with you!


Everday I receive emails and messages asking me how I build my website, publish books, run my Instagram, Pinterest  etc


Truthfully, I’m not that confident that everything I do actually works for you. But I learned a lot over the last 4 years of self-publishing online. Which allow me to quit my day job to work from home full time.


Now I can do what I love doing because I have a passive income stream and I don’t have to rely on a month-to-month paycheck.


But don’t quit your job tomorrow. I didn’t quit my job until I had my side hustle going for 31 months.


Be responsible. You have to work on it over time but every day move closer towards this goal.


So, for the next 12 days, I’m going to share some self-publishing tips and guides to help you start your Kindle publishing, building a passive income and ultimately quit your day job!


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Today, I want to talk about the Top 7 reasons why I think you should create an eBook for your business.


Self-publishing isn’t limited to indie authors. In fact, every business should create eBooks as part their content marketing strategy. It’s the new business card! You’re missing out a massive opportunity if you haven’t started using this strategy in your business.


The number of smartphone, tablet and eReader users increased tremendously over the last 5 years. Ebooks can now be consumed easily. Today, ebooks are a 8.69billion industry, and it’s still growing.


So why isn’t every business creating eBooks today?


Well, I admit that it may seem daunting if you have never made an ebook before.


Is it really worth the effort? How can an ebook help your business?


If you aren’t sure whether it’s worth the work, keep reading. I’m going to show you the top 7 reasons why you should seriously consider creating eBooks for your business.


Why You Should Create EBooks for your Business


1. Generate Targeted Leads


Ebooks can help you attract good leads. The reason is simple: People will give you their contact details willingly when you give something valuable in return. These are the audiences that are interested in your products or services. If you’ve written it well, you can educate them and convert them into paying customers.


Follow these steps if you want to generate more targeted leads using ebooks:

  • Identify your targeted audience
  • Brainstorming session: What are they looking for? A solution to solved? Want to require a skill? What’s your expertise or knowledge?
  • Write a book based on the selected topics
  • Promote and market your books to your targeted audience
  • Make a requirement to enter an email address for your ebook


If you do this properly, it might expand your upper sale-funnel with high quality targeted leads.


2. Establish yourself as an Expert

No matter what field or industry you’re in, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise to share. By putting it out in an ebook, you can build yourself as an authority in that particular niche.


For example, a best-selling author with a series of books will definitely establish himself even more of an expert.


Furthermore, you can build trust and reputation through ebooks. People know that you understand the subject matter well; you will always be the leader or person that they will refer to.


3. Rise above the competition

It’s getting extremely competitive in the business world. So what makes your audience to choose you and not one of your competitors?


It’s a great move to create ebooks if you’re a small business and your competitors are (probably) not making eBooks. You will have the first-mover advantage and tap into the targeted audience.


It opens new medium to promote your business other than the regular posting on social media, email marketing and blog posting. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.


4. Increase your website traffic

After you have created ebooks, you can start promoting them through social media and drive traffic to your website, blog or product page. Remember to include a call-to-action in your books, you can direct readers to your website, a sale page, mobile apps etc.


Here’s an example, this ebook helps me generate at least 10 new downloads every day to my Entrepreneur magazine app.

5. Build Connection and engage with your audience

Having an email list is of utmost importance to a sustainable, long-term business success. So offering an eBook to your audience is the best way to grow your email list. Ask for their email address before sending them the ebook.


Since you have their emails, it’s a great opportunity to start building a relationship and get some feedback. There’re much more you can do with your audience, be creative!


6. Easy to create

Ebooks are very easy to make -literally, it costs you nothing but your time.


You don’t need any special skill to create eBooks. There are lots of free tools available online that you can use to make your ebooks. Simply create your content in Word Document or PowerPoint and save as PDF format. For the cover design, you can get High-quality images for Free here.


I like the fact that you only need to make it once, put it on your website, and it will generate leads infinitely. Unlike other marketing strategies like blog posting or promoting in social media, creating eBook is a one-time effort but valuable for a lifetime!


7. Create a Passive Income Stream

Though making money from eBooks may not be your sole reason for creating them, you definitely can create a passive income stream from selling them.


If you would like to build a publishing business just like me, then you’ve to create lots of eBooks. You can’t rely on just a book.


Are you ready to join me on Self-Publishing?

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How to become a six-figure author. thinkmaverick


Well, there you go!

My Final Thought

Based on my experience in publishing, creating eBooks will definitely help in your small business. There’s a possibility that the ebook will go viral. 


In order to use viral eBooks in your content marketing, you have to be generous with the information that you share. Always bring values to your readers to build the trust and respect, which will then convince them to recommend your ebook to friends and families. After you’ve gathered the contact information, you can start engage with your audience through follow-up emails which you can share your relevant products/services.


Do you use ebooks in your content marketing strategy?


Do you have any favorite tips and tricks that you think everyone should know? We would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment below.


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This is day 2 of 12 Days of Self-Publishing Tips to make passive income online!


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