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Entrepreneur: Anthony Robbins The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need!

Entrepreneur: Anthony Robbins The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need! image
  This post contains more than 10,000 words. Orignally published in an eBook format –Entrepreneur: Anthony Robbins The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need! It’s much easier to consume in PDF format. We made a comprehensive PDF of this post for offline viewing. To donwload this free eBook, sign-up…


This post contains more than 10,000 words. Orignally published in an eBook format –Entrepreneur: Anthony Robbins The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need!

It’s much easier to consume in PDF format. We made a comprehensive PDF of this post for offline viewing. To donwload this free eBook, sign-up below.

The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need! 

Are you struggling to find your Inner Greatness?


For most, the answer is a Big Resounding YES!


When you look at the world’s top performers, influencers, and business people, do you actually ask yourself “How did they get there, and why am I still here?”


Considering the years of experience & learning the life-changing ideas I put into this book, what I can promise you is that the value I’m providing you here today is tremendous.


I will walk you through a handful of life-changing principles that Tony has helped me bring my business over $250,000 in the last 6 months alone. Yes it is NOT a 1, 10 or 30 million dollars, but most people would love the fact that they can make an extra $1000/month.


This is something which you can develop TODAY by unleashing the inner greatness deep within you.

I would like to thank Tony for inspiring me to building my own financial freedom working on what I love.

For more information on Tony’s products please visit www.tonyrobbins.com


Did you know that we have an attention span of roughly 8-seconds? (Study: Microsoft)


That means a goldfish has a longer focus that what we have on a daily basis.


Tony says that we have become so good at reading useless junk on social media that we have forgotten the profound aspects of reading a good book that allows you to go deep into a topic.


So this booklet is a summarized version of the principles that Tony has lived by, to allow your brain to absorb the lessons little better than reading a full blown book.


I’m not going to talk about myself, I’m not even going to sell you anything, all I ask is a little of your undivided attention to read what I had learned from Tony Robbins because it is so infectious!


Most of us have barely even scratched the surface into firing the 100 Billion neurons inside our brain. Each of these neurons has been incapacitated by the daily programming of our social habits.


Needless to say, in order for you to live a life of great potential without any regret & unleash the Giant within you, you have FIRST got to MAXIMIZE your brain’s potential.

You don’t go making $30,000/year to making $300,000/year by some new strategy. It’s a psychological shift as well. And that’s what you need to learn today.


Only then you would overcome the barriers to Finding Your inner Genius!

Entrepreneur: Anthony Robbins The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need!The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need!

Lesson 0: Who are you at Your Core?

The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need!When I first listened to Tony speak, I was so enamored by his presence that I felt a little intimidated by him.

Then as you get to know him a little better, you then begin to feel the warmth and honesty that he brings. That’s why he was also known to be the gentle giant.

Standing at six-feet-seven, he was known for shaking people up and literally empowering them just by speaking a few words.


“Did you know that Tony robbins’ growth spurt (10 inches in a year) was due to a tumor discovered inside his pituitary gland…”


The first thing that he would say if you ever met him is that people must wake up to their own power & belief.


If I said right now to look around you and take notice of the color blue, and you do that. You will begin to notice that wherever you look, behind you, around you somehow tend to be blue in color.

And if I asked you to start looking for the color red, what happens now is your world starts turning red, because you receive what you actually look for – right?


So his whole approach is about awakening and changing your core.

If your life story is one about scarcity, injustice and unfairness then that’s how your story will turn out.

You don’t get to see who a person really is until you strip them down to the core.

The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need!

The Army Special Forces uses one month of breaking down the candidates before they even send them to begin the real training. What they do is methodically peeling back the layers of your brain’s defensive wall.


Once they are done breaking down the barriers, they can now begin to make the army candidates focus on what they want them to.

As soon as you begin to focus on an objective, your brain functions almost instantly, subconsciously or unconsciously to negate anything that’s otherwise.

So when you want to change your life for the better, you must first change your pattern of focus. What you focus on gives your life meaning and that leads to different choices in life that you would take.



Lesson 1: Awaken your sleeping Giant

After a series of painful experiences, owing money to people, and his mother chasing him out the house with a knife, Tony decided to not to wallow in self-pity instead he chose to use those set-backs as a motivation to live a great life.


It is all about not letting circumstances determine your fate. If you focus on your shortcomings rather than your gains, you’re going to be despondent.


Just like how a person treats another differently at the beginning of a relationship as to the end of it.

Everything happens for a reason.


You and I have experiences in the past that we really hate. They may be horrific and terrible.

But looking back on it, we would eventually thank God that it happened because of what happened back then, that you had this tremendous ambition.


You should never confuse a single setback as the end of the world. Because as long as you use that disappointment as a springboard, you can ultimately use it to bounce back stronger than ever before!


The biggest block to any person’s success is found in his head!Click To Tweet


If you really want to challenge yourself, you should always associate those pains of failure as a sign that you do not want to repeat.

You’ll want to get out of those chaotic moments for good.


You have to learn to take control of your mind simply by changing the way you feel about disappointment.

If you have always wanted a better life, then you will have no choice but to overcome the fear of failure.


The fear of Failure, unlike anything else that we have been taught to believe in since childhood, is just a way of keeping ourselves out from harm’s way.


It is a psychological trigger that tends to be unconscious and automatic in how it controls your actions.

It however has a devastating effect on your life because once you start to give it focus and meaning, you will gradually set up your life to struggle.


You begin to play everything safe; you start to flick the switch on to “scarcity setting.”

And that is not the emotion you need to change your life.

You have to change your emotions to work your way towards the life you’ve always wanted.


Avoiding set-backs? You cannot simply avoid it. No one gets a free pass in life. Accept it as part of life.Click To Tweet


Don’t live your life unconsciously; don’t be on autopilot. You must be aware of your thoughts at all times. Only then you get to change it.


You got to dissolve your inner Conflicts!


That is the only way to achieve and get the things you want in life. There are rules that you can follow to understand why you have these conflicts.

We will investigate them further…


Habits are a mental diet.


Become aware of your bad habits, or social habits that have become a norm to everyone.


Successfully breaking the bad habits that are detrimental to your progress takes some practice. You need to have the right mindset to help you change.

But once you’ve mastered the technique, and understand how to be in control when you’re not, then you will have what it takes to become successful.

The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need!



Lesson 2: A little about Tony’s Past

Since there are literally thousands of books about Tony Robbins, I will not write in detail about his impressive biography.


I’m guessing you’re already well aware that he has already influenced millions of lives around the world. He is the founder of several companies, all while being an active speaker, motivational coach, a successful author and an investor.

What you may not know is that a long time ago, at a very low point in life, Tony was very close to broke.


He couldn’t get any prospects.

People owed him money.

He had only $24 in his pocket. That was just enough to feed him until the next week.


So he was figuring out why his life isn’t working out. He decided to load up on food for the coming winter and walked to this all you can eat buffet restaurant called Marina del-ray in Venice.

He couldn’t drive his car, because he didn’t want to spend money on gas and parking. So he walked the whole 3 miles just to get there.

As he was sitting there contemplating about his life, he noticed a mother and son walking into the diner.


Long story short, he walked over to them, introduced himself and decided there and then to give what’s left of what he had ($17) to them for their meal.


He had no plan and no money but after what he did, he began to feel a huge sense of euphoria.

Most people would probably flip out and question “Why did I just do that” you know…

But Tony had a very good attitude of what he just did.


The next morning he received this snail-mail from a client he had called a million times but wouldn’t return his call. It was a check for a thousand dollars plus interest and a letter of apology.


Immediately, tears rolled down his eyes. He was puzzled as to why this was happening now.


Long story short, he came to a conclusion that he had actually did the right thing. It didn’t matter whether he was poor or not, the mindset or law of attraction if you want to call it that, was working for him.


He didn’t have a plan or strategy; he was just doing what he felt right. He paid the meal for the mother and son not even thinking whether he could or couldn’t afford it.

And that made a huge difference…

From that day onwards, scarcity left his body and he became a very wealthy man.

Of course, he continues to have his ups and downs, but the mentality was no longer an issue that restricts him from receiving in abundance.



Lesson 3: Feed your Mind with the Right sustenance


The Human brain is designed for Survival, it is not designed to make you happy. That’s your Job. --- Tony Robbins Click To Tweet


Tony started reading and feeding his mind at a young age of 17, he started following Jim Rohn’s seminar sessions and life coaching events. He later worked for him tirelessly, promoting Jim’s seminars and filling the rooms like no one else could.


Number one, every single day he would feed and strengthen his mind.

Until you do that every single day, you are going to succumb to fear.

Because fear is automatic.

The human brain is designed for survival.

Your brain is not designed to make you happy. That’s your job!


Tony always tells this story. Jim Rohn his mentor used to say, “Tony, you have got to stand guard at the door of your mind. You got to watch what’s going in because if you’re not careful, bad things can go in…”


He gives the example of your enemies putting sugar in your coffee, what you get is sweet coffee, but if your best friend by accident, NOT INTENTIONALLY, drops Strychnine in your coffee and you’re dead.


Jim Rohn always says “Skip a meal, but don’t skip reading


Read 30 minutes a day, I don’t care what it is. And I also don’t mean internet crap.

Read biographies of successful people, read strategies and tactics that are going to make a difference in your life.


Tony released his first infomercial in 1988, Personal Power, helping promote and giving himself a wider exposure, with his motivation seminar services, and later as a regular speaker for a lot of fortune 500 companies. 


Now, Tony is also known for his best-selling books like the Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within, being enlisted and making a name for it on the 50 best self-help books of all time.

He is also a personal finance instructor and famous name for his counseling advises as a life coach.

Are you ready to wake the sleeping giant within? Let’s do it!



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Lesson 4: Raising Your Standards

The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need!Is the difference in people with their performances and outcome dependent on their skillset?


Yes or No?

Of course it is. It is our ability to maximize our skills that make the biggest difference.


Whenever we look at somebody and question why they are more successful than the people around them, it’s always because of their ability to raise their standards.


Now, raising your standards sounds so trite and old-school but it is the ONLY way to change your life!

And that is the TRUTH!


As much as easy as it sounds, raising your standards means you must turn your “SHOULDS into MUSTS!

When you turn something into a MUST, you ultimately have to become your “higher self”.


You have to find a way to change. And then, you do that because everything in your life depends on it. Just like putting food on the table for your family.


You have to find a way to get it done or else…

Change normally comes at a slow pace because most people use the “should” mentality.

I should make more money.

I should build more muscles.

I should start a business.

But how many of you actually take action on it?


99% of the time people will not follow through on it.


When I first started my journey on starting my own business, everyone had that intention to make a better living for themselves, but ultimately they fail. Why?


The difference lies in the fact that they already have a job. They were already comfortable.

They didn’t need to actually make more money in a new venture.


For me, my life was dependent on it. I was out of college. I didn’t have a job. I wanted a life of freedom and to build my own dream. I invested my life’s savings into a program and didn’t have much more to spare.


Now that is the difference, why a hundred people in that room failed to change their lives.


But I did, certainly not overnight. But I did it after 4 years and 10 months, I built my own publishing company and we’re a 6-figure author/publisher because I did what I HAD to do.


I hadn’t got any other options.


There lies the difference between successful people; they essentially almost always come from a very bad beginning. They understand change is what it is needed.


They do not want to adapt to the same way of living. Poor ideals, poor standards.


They never want a temporary change because slow change is easy, but REAL CHANGE, PERMANENT CHANGE is hard.


They are people just like you. They are not that different from you. And you are never different from them. The ones that define who they are simply by raising their standards are the top performers, the top athletes and the top business people.


In fact, if you want to, you can change in a few minutes. All you need is a clear understanding and awareness. 


Did you ever arrive at some point in life where you keep doing the same, unproductive thing you’ve been doing all this time, and that you keep doing it again and again unconsciously?


Maybe you’ve ended up failing all the time, and yet, you’ve never had the courage to face it.

Then it gradually becomes a consistent ritual.

And that’s how most people get stuck with their lives.

Now, I’m not telling you what you should be, who the hell am I.

I’m just saying, maybe it’s time to reflect on yourself. Look at the countless times you’ve done something.


Many times, it’s because you have set the bar for yourself a very long time ago, that you’ve forgotten who you wanted to be in the first place.

All of this happens because most of us set that bar based on our environment.

Who we go to school with,

Who we hang out with 95% of the time,

The friends we have conversations with on social media.

All this and more surrounds you and perpetuates that kind of standards.

And because we do not want to be teased or to make them feel bad, we slowly succumb to those ideals instead of something better.

We gradually lower our standards to match theirs…


It kind of sounds like the old story of putting a frog into hot boiling water, the frog senses the pain and immediately jumps right out of it.

But what happens when you slowly turn up the heat. You deliberately turn up the heat over time, and at the end, the frog boils to death.

It might be an age old analogy, but that’s what happens by gradual change. We lose our health, fitness and wealth one day at a time.

That’s what happens to the lives of most people isn’t it?


Who you spend time with is who you’ll become. ~Tony RobbinsClick To Tweet


Change your life by making a conscious decision on who you want to surround yourself with.

Just like in sports. Play against somebody who you always beat them, and your standards would go down.

But when you begin to play with somebody who is much better than you, you have no choice but to raise your game.

This is a very unique skill-set, a life-changing moment. At any one moment, you can raise your game just by changing your “shoulds” to “musts”.


“MUSTS” becomes your new identity.


Human beings are the only ones who believe who they are based on what he sees around them. Most life choices are made at an early age and that is why we are limited to what we’re capable of.

Maybe you wanted to become an astronaut. Your naïve sense of dreaming has to overcome the odds of naysayers and the environment you grew up in.

And that’s why most people don’t just grow up to become astronauts.


We are programmed to become teachers, police officers, salesman, engineers, you name it.


I’m not saying that it’s bad to become any one of them. But honestly, are you going to limit yourself in your present life?


Never accept your limitations. Human beings are adaptive creatures. We never reached to this state of evolution if our ancestors didn’t adapt to changes. Never think you can’t do things because that’s how you’ve always been your whole life.


You are much more capable than what you already think.

Never be afraid to think of yourself as someone of highest importance.

Raise your standards and you will find yourself in the first steps towards a successful life.



Lesson 5: The Art of Fulfillment

The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need!When Tony was just 19 years old, he made a breakthrough with his life.

He was going through a very tough time.


As he was driving down the freeway in a cold winter’s night feeling frustrated by what he couldn’t accomplish despite trying everything.

He kept thinking how come he couldn’t get to where he wanted to be.


And then all of a sudden it came to him. He pulled over to the side of the freeway. It was midnight, and he grabs his journal and wrote this line:


“The Secret to living is Giving.”Click To Tweet


He realized then why he wasn’t doing well.

That’s because he was all focused on what he wasn’t getting, he was not focused on what he was not giving.

And then just like that, the whole game changed for him.


In a world where most people are concerned most of the time on what they’re getting and not what they’re giving, we tend to forget this one important rule of thumb.


Tony discovered back then that if he had helped enough people to get what they wanted in the first place, he wouldn’t have to worry about his own well-being for the rest of his life.


There are plenty of successful people who are depressed despite the massive fame & fortune they acquired.


Why do you think that is?

Simple, they don’t feel any gratitude for what they do.


What great work that can truly fulfill you? What is it that’s going to give you that good warmth feeling? What’s going to magically satisfy that emotion instead of just your-gains?


You can make a lot of money, but if that financial gain doesn’t inspire you or bring about gratification then it is useless.

Try to understand what is your gift or talent that you can bring to the table that ultimately gives you that sense of accomplishment?

If you wouldn’t even give out a penny out of a dollar, then you can forget about improving the level of fulfillment.


The key here lies with finding ways to make the world a better place.

Find ways to give generously (your time, money or something) without thinking twice.

Because once you do, you will begin to shift your mode from scarcity to abundance.

Only then you can truly be fulfilled, with a bright smile on your face.


I would encourage you to begin every day for just 10 minutes to really celebrate all the accomplishments you’ve achieved. Make this a ritual.


By doing so, you will acknowledge the achievement of your mind, body and psyche.

This is a mental ritual you should really pay attention to.


It may sound trivial, but I guarantee you Tony uses this exact method to ignite professional athletes like Serena Williams.


Why do you ONLY pay attention to this when you have to pay him tens of thousands of dollars just to learn?

This is it! The reason why presidents, billionaires and professional athletes pay that much money to him is because of the psychology of perceived value.

More expensive means better, right? Not necessarily, but our minds tend to perceive it so.


TIP: Don’t let your mind trick you on the lack of importance or value when advice is given to you freely.


In a study called the “cakes of deception” people were asked to taste two different priced cakes on which would taste better.

99% of them decided that the more expensive cake tasted better than the cheaper one when both of them were done with the same ingredients, the same oven and at the same temperature.


Progress equals Happiness

The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need!If you don’t grow, you are not going to be fulfilled!


If we can make progress on a regular basis, we will ultimately feel alive.

Remember the times you made significant progress…


Like the end of the year vacation with your family,

The big client you signed for your company,

That perfect hole in one shot you made in front of your friends,

Or the million dollar check you received.


Each progress gave you a sense of gratification like no other time.

You are only going to feel good about yourself whenever you grow.


And so progress is just really a sign of growth.

A lot of people always start with a New Year’s resolution.


They always aim to start fresh. It’s a common human need for change, and most people do it because they hope for progress for the year ahead.

It essentially has a very powerful meaning!


We use resolutions to become more progressive, to tell ourselves that we are essentially evolving. We’re continually growing. And we’re continually expanding.

We become more alive with each resolution you accomplish since it is the only way to tell if you are developing.

We’re not only changing for the better, but we’re progressively growing while we’re adapting to changes. 


Lesson 6: Love Your Customers

A business has a purpose.

Your business is not about you.

Most people are so fixated on their products, so in love with their products or services that they disregard what their customers need.


If you really have a successful business,

You have got to fall in love with your clients.

Treat your clients like the beginning of a relationship, and there won’t be an end.


During the economy collapse in 2008, many businesses went under because they kept selling the same old products and services instead of understanding what their customers needed at that time.


Their customers were out of jobs and they had no money.


Perhaps those businesses would have survived if they spent more time looking for a better customer, one who has money even during 2008-2009.

If you dedicated your entire focus to meet their needs, you will eventually win over life-time customers.


Add Value to the World

The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need!

Your ultimate focus should be to build a business that adds more value than what your competition does.


What can you do to develop just that for your customers?

To re-invent yourself & your business so that you can give them more value.


Tony discovered this gem after speaking to Norman Vincent Peale, the author of the “Power of Positive Thinking.”


He paraphrased a mantra from him: “You feel so filled up when what you do adds so much value to the lives of the people you help that it lights them up.”


You can’t compare that feeling and emotion when something you do is just for the money.

But if you design and develop your business in such a way that equally does that, you would ultimately do pretty well financially as well.


Lesson 7: Create a business that can run without you

Michael Ovitz, the man who had built CAA in Hollywood was one of the largest and most successful agencies.


He was the most powerful man in Hollywood back in the 1990s.

He made deals in the billions of dollars with the likes of Nike and Coca-cola.


Eventually he had to sell the business but he didn’t exactly plan for an exit strategy. His business requires his talents and connections.


A law prevented him from selling it to another studio, so he had to resort to selling it to his employees for pennies of its real value.


At the end of the day, what he had built for years couldn’t survive without his leadership.

It became his life-long job.

The day he quit, was the day the company died too. He couldn’t sell the business for what it was worth.


So if a business cannot run without you, it doesn’t matter how successful it is, it really means that you don’t have an exit strategy.


Try to start with an exit strategy in mind.

Learn how to create passive income for yourself.

Discover ways to diversify and create multiple businesses.

So the day you really need to move on, your income will not die out with you.


You could say that you’ll come out with it someday but it would be too little too late then. And never limit yourself to only one exit strategy.

Be Resourceful


It’s not the resources but the resourcefulness that ultimately makes the difference. ~ Tony RobbinsClick To Tweet



Whenever people fail to achieve their goals 99.9% of the time, and you ask them why, they’ll probably tell you it’s because of the lack of resources. 


They didn’t have the money,

They didn’t have the time,

They didn’t have the support needed,

This and that…


There is always something missing for them to succeed.

There is always a missing piece for the jigsaw puzzle.


For great leaders, there’s never such a thing as “limited resources”. There’s always a way to find and maximize on the limited time, money and support.


When a person tells you that they lacked resources to accomplish something, it’s always because of the lack of ability to handle the situations efficiently and wisely.


You need to know how to manage small amounts of resources and distribute it, make it grow and progressively make a move on how to maintain it.


A great example of a leader who is great at this is Sam Walton the founder of Walmart.

He started his business with only $25,000 ($5,000 of his own and $20k from his father-in-law) in 1962 and within 12 years he had 78 stores in a time when Sears and Kmart were giant companies.

Today Walmart brings in a yearly revenue of $485.9 billion.


When you mention about the richest man in the world, almost always people would name Bill Gates right?

Well, that’s only true because Sam’s vast riches are divided amongst his family members. If you combine that enormous wealth, it would total to roughly $149 Billion dollars in 2015.


So why is Sam such a resourceful guy?

He figured out a way to minimize the cost and maximize his profits.

He went out in the middle of the night to study successful stores and he would apply them to his business.

Because success often leaves clues…


He expanded rapidly, but the word in Wall Street was that he was finished because he had limited resources.

At that time Sears and Kmart were probably 100 times bigger than his company.


Sam didn’t suddenly amassed huge capital or manpower.

He had the idea to build big stores that had everything discounted and located them in small towns.

He borrowed money & used the profits he made to acquire one store after another. By 1960, he owned 15 stores.


Later, he would even mortgage his house and borrowed as much money as he could to fund his idea because the directors of his company wouldn’t back up his plan.


Eventually, his plan worked and he continued to fund his expansion through profits and borrowing.

And later on in 1970, by taking his company public, he generated enough to allow him to pay off his debt.


Sam was expanding at a rate of about 100 stores per year.


He targeted small business owners who needed to buy goods in bulk. Because of his resourcefulness, he was able to meet the needs of millions of people.


90% of Americans now live within 15 minutes of a Wal-Mart store.

How’s that for being resourceful?

The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need!Source: progressive spring


Resources are a tangible necessity that wears out and will be unavailable over the course of time. Resourcefulness is the ultimate resource.


If you had a very wonderful idea, but you didn’t do anything about it then, one day, you see your idea on a store shelf. What happened? Someone stole your idea.


The Only difference being that the other person was more resourceful than you. It didn’t matter whether or not he had more money, support or time.


He did what he needed to, to make his ideas a reality.

Now that’s the price to pay for not being resourceful.


Pay Attention to Details

The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need! You are here:Success and failures aren’t big events. It’s bound to happen at any time. But it doesn’t just happen.


You don’t become suddenly successful overnight or fail miserably in a second. It’s the little things you don’t give much attention to. It’s the little things you’ve forgotten to do.


It’s a series of little things you’ve neglected to do.

Maybe you let an opportunity slip, or you failed to make that call.

All the little things that adds up, becomes compounded interest.


This ultimately determines whether you’re a success or a failure.


Look For Leverage

Leverage is something that would want to look deeply into, it is something that will give you an edge over your competitors. Leverage is different from delegation.


It is something that Tony teaches incessantly. It is what he uses to grow his wealth to over half a billion dollars and simultaneously managing over 20 businesses.


It is a strategy that 95% of the people fail to use effectively.

Understand this. Activities performed without a high sense of purpose will slowly drain away your fortune.


When you know the outcome, the purpose, and the course of action that needs to be done, you can communicate that to a person. And that person does it for you.


Now that’s leverage.

Leverage is ultimate strategy to get what needs to be done without you spending time on it. They are activities that eats away your time.


Now this is different from delegation.

Delegation is when you have a lot of needs to be done, and you give it to someone else. And when they don’t do it, you get pissed off.


Leverage says, “I can move the biggest boulder in the world, with a little bit of effort I have something I can do it with, but I’m still part of it”.

It is Newton’s 3rd Law.


Once you understand and apply this simple principle in your life and in business, you will be able to gain much more freedom on the things you enjoy doing.



Lesson 8: Change Your Mindset

The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need!Can you train your mind to believe in something?

Yes or No?


You could do so much more in life just by changing how you perceive things about yourself.


We’re all limited by our own thinking. And if you trained yourself to surpass those limits and strived harder to achieve, you could ultimately create the life you’ve always wanted.


Tony was a 17 year old with no real education other than being self-taught about the topics he was interested in.

He had no money and no privileged background to support him.

But one thing he did well was to shape his mind and emotions into what you see today.


He was able to train himself to believe, achieve and contribute to people.

He does this simply by changing his mind, body and focus.


By putting himself in peak physiology and using incantations, he succeeded in removing any limiting little voices that dissuaded him from believing that he could achieve.


Ever hear the little voice of yours that goes; “It’s not happening, it won’t work, you’re not going to win…etc..”


Sounds familiar isn’t it? I have it too…

Well, you have to change that mindset.


You will never get beyond where you are now, if you kept doing the same things over and over again with a negative mindset.

It all starts and ends with the mind.


Because when you truly believe in something; in your body, mind and soul, you can execute more freely and more confidently.


Tony was a janitor back then when he worked part-time for Jim Rohn. He used to drive a 1968 Volkswagen and earned $40 a week.

What he had to do back then was to convince Bear Stearns like people to join Jim’s seminar in order to become more successful.


So how could a $40 a week janitor make this leap from being a janitor to convincing other people who were more successful than him to join a motivational seminar?


Well, one of his tricks was to recite a powerful and positive incantation before each session.


“I now command my mind …by giving me the strength, the emotion, whatever it takes to show these people how to change their lives now.”


He would literally scream at the top of his lungs and influence these people with all his enthusiasm and all his might. He truly believed that he was one of them.


Another incantation that he would perform is his state of wealth. He was poor back then , so he uses to recite that wealth is just circulating around his life, flowing in abundance, arriving like an avalanche.


A year later, he would go on from $38k a year to making over a million a year.

Now that’s the power of the mind!

Follow your Passion


Why we do what we do?



What drives you in your life today?


Why do you do the things you do every single day?


What gets you up and awakens you from the inside?


Unlike the popular believe that we all do the things we do because of self-interest all the time.


It just isn’t true. Because when emotion or passion comes into it, everything changes.


Look for the passion inside. It is fuel. It brings emotion into your life or business.

It gives you a sense of fulfillment and absolute abundance.


Commit yourself by changing your beliefs.

Passion is an undeniable emotion in you that drives you to do something that you really want. There is one thing in common in every one of us – being in the middle of two options, follow what our heart says, or listen to what others dictate. 


Is this situation familiar? Everyone might encounter this situation from time to time.


Just remember at all times that your passion is one of the most powerful factors in making you persevere in whatever you do – whether it is for your job, for your studies, for your business, and even in life. 


Always ask yourself, “Is this what I want? Am I on my way to achieving the success that empowers my imagination, capability and drive?”


As you go along the journey seeking freedom and success, you would surely realize at a certain point in your life, that if you are passionate about what you do and you know that there is meaning to what you are doing, you will never grow tired of it. 


So guess what? Never forget what passion does to you.

Whenever you feel weary, just remember what your purpose is. Just remember what keeps you going – what was your original goal?

To paraphrase Benjamin Disraeli, “man is only truly great when he acts from passion.”


What do you do once you have found your passion?


Now you have found tremendous energy from your well, but in order to sustain the energy, you must do this:

DECIDE on the path to changing your life.

COMMIT on the decision whether or not it is easy or difficult.

RESOLVE without any question on your decision to commit. It’s done, don’t look back.

ACTION take massive immediate action.  


Work with Superstars


When you align your goals with the right kind of people, there is so much more that you can accomplish.


Hire wrongly and you pay the price. According to a study, the real cost of hiring a new employee is $240,000. But if you let them work on for 2.5 years, that cost can triple to $840,000.


When you think about it, it really is pretty costly because you have to factor in the disruption in hiring and firing as well as the time, delay and intangible value for the company.


How do you actually know whether a person is a superstar?


It’s not that easy to gage whether the person is outstanding for your business.

He may do well in the interview, but ultimately you have to evaluate based on his performance the first 30 days.


Eben Pagan, a well-respected marketing coach which Tony appoints suggests that you should always tasks your new recruit by answering three specific questions each day.


Get them to spend a few minutes each day for the first 30 days to send you answers for the following questionnaire:

  • What they did for the day
  • What results did you achieve
  • Any problems or challenges you might need help with
  • Any questions they have for you


This simple process of getting them to tell you daily would give you two things.

  1. One it holds them accountable to themselves as well as to you.
  2. Two, it gets them to think, plan and learn without needing to handhold them


Hiring the right people is the key to make it easier for you to get what you’re aiming for. It is about choosing the right people who are willing to share the burden and the sacrifices for the good of the company.


Remember, hire slowly and fire quickly. That is the mantra of fortune 500 companies.


Of course, if you cannot afford to hire superstars because of the demand in salary, then you should turn your focus onto people who are hungry and eager to learn who probably just graduated from college.


You could also take the option of a lean startup by using freelancers on the internet and hire on case to case basis. Take your business step by step to the next level and don’t rush it.



Lesson 9: Make Reading a Habit

When Tony was being interviewed by Lewis Howe the author of “The School of Greatness”, he was asked about the 3 books he would recommend to pass on his knowledge of mastery to the world.


Those three books were:

  1. Man’s Search for Meaning
  2. As a Man Thinketh
  3. Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069


You should probably take note of these three books because Tony learned his core principles based on the understanding of these three books.


The first two books are self-explanatory. But the 3rd book which he holds so much regard is because it teaches people the trends of the world and how everything is cyclical.


If you can anticipate where the next ball is being thrown, you will undoubtedly gain a huge advantage over 90% of the world population.


Tony: “Anticipate, don’t react” Click To Tweet


Just like when you play a video game with a child. Just because the child has played it a million times, he is anticipating, memorizing each move, but you in turn are only in a reactive mode. You never played the game, and therefore you are only reacting to it.


There is no competitive advantage to that.

Entrepreneur: Anthony Robbins The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need!Why is reading, so damn important that it should be in the top 12 life-changing principles?

Well, because the fact is that there are plenty of people around the world willing to work hard for less money than you.


You probably think that you had it tough, but there are others who endure more difficult conditions than you.


Reading will teach you the art of leading and solving problems.

Reading will give you the edge over somebody who hasn’t read.


It gives you ideas; life-changing ideas that you can use you out-lead and out-solve the other people.

That is the only way you can gain the edge over your competition.

I’m not talking about internet crap, get a book, a book you always wanted to learn about something.


Spend 15 minutes a day, and those 15 minutes add up to 91 hours and 15 minutes at the end of the year. Slowly increase the time to read. And in no time, you’re ahead of the game.


People who are fond of reading have a wider knowledge and perspective on everything.

Reading from different philosophers, theorists, authors, life coaches, and people smarter than you, gives you ideas to expand your knowledge.

Reading has always been a good way to validate the ideas that you already have.

Start reading Today!


Results Based Planning (RPM)

RESULTS PLANNING METHOD (RPM) is thinking based on outcome, rather than activities.

What are the results you’re looking for instead of striking out your to-do list?

Most people make the mistake of movement as achievement.

So the first question you should always ask yourself:

  • What is the RESULT you’re after (*be as specific as possible)


@Where focus goes, energy flowsClick To Tweet



You must control your focus because clarity is power.

The more specific you are, the faster your mind can get you there.


If I ask you what you want, and you said, “I want more money”.

Fine, “here’s a dollar”


Did you achieve the outcome?

Yeah, but when you’re that general, the way you asked that question, is the way you’re receiving it.


“I want to lose some weight.” Fine you lost a pound, you’re done!


The brain has some characteristics that give us what we want based on how specific you are.

But there are also times when we feel like our brain is not working anymore because of the emotional language we’re focusing on.

Just like how a rocket works.


You aim at a target and fire the rocket. But if the target moves, you would miss it.

However, if your rocket has a heat seeking missile, even if your target moves, it will follow until it hits its target.


That is how your brain is, if it knows the outcome. It is so powerful because it knows the results you’re after.

Your language is the method your brain uses to pinpoint your targets.


Using the right language can invoke the right emotions. And that is how you get significant focus.

Now this takes more time to learn and apply initially, but it is ultimately worth it.

When you think of outcomes instead of activities, you will begin to see progress.






It is just a matter of putting it into perspective on how you should base your schedule on a daily basis. This is how the brain fully engages.

Do it at the right time and at the right moment. Understand how your brain works.

Download Tony’s Workbook for RPM here.





Lesson 10: Don’t create a business plan, create a Business Map.


“The Only True Competitive Advantage in Today’s Changing Market and Economy is not having a business plan, but having a business map that can take you from where you are to where you want to be.” ~ Tony Robbins Click To Tweet



In a world where technology and innovation can quickly make you or destroy you almost immediately, there is no longer a business plan viable to get you from A to Z.


Disruptive competition is appearing like mushrooms because of the low barrier of entry.


And with resources freely available or at a very low cost, your business cannot survive the onslaught of this hyper-competitive environment.


Just look at the loose stats that are being flung around; it suggests that 50% of businesses fail in the first year alone.

And if your business happens to survive, 96% more would eventually fail within the next 10 years.

That means you need a competitive advantage!


And how can you gain that edge?

How can you differentiate yourself enough from the competition?


By creating your own business map


You need a business map, because it shows you the whole terrain.

With it you can learn where you are and navigate to where you want to go.


Now that is important only when you know where you are presently and where you need to head.


If you know where you want to go, but you lie to yourself about where you are trying to make yourself feel better, you will never get there.

Your flight path will be completely off.               


Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What business am I in?
  2. What business am I REALLY in?
  3. How is business?
  4. What is the benefit of your business?
  5. Whose needs are you providing?


For instance, what business is Starbucks in? Or what business does McDonalds really do?


If you say coffee and burgers, you’re only half-right.


Yes they do sell that prominently, but there is REALLY a bigger picture.


If you ask Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, in his book “Pour your Heart into it”, he mentions of his trip to Italy where he sees an in-between meeting place where people would meet up before and after work.


He saw Starbucks as a place of social experience, and he grew those seeds of idea into what it is today.


It’s the same with McDonalds, why is the Golden Archers today a symbol more recognizable than the Christian Cross?


What makes them so incredibly successful beyond the Ray Kroc’s imagination?


McDonalds has one of the world’s best real estate portfolios!

CFO of McDonald’s Harry J. Sonnborn mentioned that, “We are not basically in the food business. The only reason we sell hamburgers is because they are the greatest produces of revenue from which our tenants can pay us rent.”


Their commercial property today is valued at more than 8 billion dollars alone. They are quick to buy hot locations and sell underperforming locations.


Look at the things that you do and the things that you are. How does it help you in leveraging your position compared to your competitors? 


By having a roadmap, it will help you to think bigger, expand your horizon and think outside the box.

It may sound cliché, but there lies the difference between your business and a hundred others.

Look at how the Uber business model became so disruptive to the Taxi industry.


Having a business map helps you to better identify the niche opportunities (and threats) that you may have overlooked. It helps you study the market and apply the art of war when it comes to steering your business towards becoming a dominant force. 


Bear in mind that your competitors are never far behind.

What you may have thought of, may already be in the works.

Therefore, you have to take massive action!


The competition is part of doing business

In a very broad sense, strategy is the antidote to competition.

That is why you need a robust strategy to be in business.


Michael Porter, an American Academician from Harvard and Princeton defines the essence of strategy as “choosing what NO to do.”


According to Porter, the only way to deliver value to your customers is to innovate.

When you innovate you are essentially competing to be unique.

On the other hand, when you compete to be the best in your niche, you will only feed on imitation.


Learn how to sustain in the world of competition by innovating. Being lax in this environment is never an option. You get eaten alive.


Think about what difference you can bring to the people? What value can you give where you competition cannot? 


Dwell on new strategies. Think of simplicity. Given that the world of business is so complex, there isn’t only one way to win.


Rivalry can be a positive for you. It helps you serve the needs of different customer segments with better specificity. Don’t take an industry head-on. Find a way to go off the beaten path.


Cardinal Rules of love

What makes a relationship between you and your organization extraordinary?

And what makes it worse?

When you form any kinds of relationship whether it is with your partner, client, employees or bosses, there is only one simple rule.

ntrepreneur: Anthony Robbins The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need!The rule of LOVE


You should never go into a relationship just to go and get something from it.

It must be a place where you give.


And that is how you magnify the human experience and relationship.

When you give and give, but the other never returns, that can be toxic for you too.


As you aim to reach the pinnacle with your business, learn how to take care of your people. They need their job, but you also need them to perform their best for your business. 

Help them to grow, and your business will grow with it. 


Who Inspires Tony Robbins?

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” ~Tony RobbinsClick To Tweet




Although he credits his achievement to reading books incessantly, there were a few mentors that provided him with the tools he needed to grow initially.

The first was Jim Rohn.


Tony almost always quotes Jim Rohn whenever he was asked about his mentors.

Having someone as your mentor helps you anticipate and chart your map on where you want to go.


John Grinder is Tony’s next partner who helped him understand an individual’s neurological process and behavioral patterns.

He learned how to get rid of people’s phobia through NLP.


It was what gave him that early understanding of human psychology.


Having mentors allowed him to discuss his ideas, listen to criticism, and to look from another experts’ perspective.

Having a mentor is like having a way to anticipate the future. You cannot predict the future, but you can always anticipate it by having someone farther ahead in the game.


Whether it is in business or in life, it is a good way to have someone who can neutralize and help you look at the situation a little differently. 


Lesson 11: Money is just a Servant for you

Sir Francis Bacon calls money a Good Servant but a Bad Master.

Now why is that?

We view money as if it means the world to us.


If you read Tony Robbins Money – Master the Game, you will recognize that money is not the END GAME.

It is just the emotions we’re after that money provides:

  • Security
  • Freedom
  • Helping people we love
  • Contributing to people who need
  • Giving us a choice
  • Making us feel alive because of the instant gratification it provides


How you treat money, is how it reflects you as a person dealing with power.

Is it a burden to you? Or is it a blessing for you?


Once you realize that it is just ones and zeroes in the digital banking institutions, you will no longer treat it the way you use to.

You need to learn the rules of the game and master the strategies of the rich in order to win it.


When you keep working because you want to, not because you have to, that’s when you achieve financial freedom.

Is that a pipe dream?


Or is it really possible for the average person.

Living and experiencing freedom like the 1% doesn’t mean you have to make millions or billions of dollars.


It also doesn’t mean you need to make them overnight.

Find a way to leverage so that you can do more for people. Provide more value and to serve more.



You have to make the shift in mindset from being the consumer in the economy, to become a producer. You do that by investing and creating.


Control your everyday expenses.

When it comes to money, everybody has a say on it.

Everybody has a tip, a secret or an answer.

But when you start losing money, they are nowhere to be seen.

So learn to take charge of your finances. Be frugal. Don’t overspend on things.


Desire is a never-ending chain that traps you.


You can never satisfy that ego of yours with the next shiny object. It is a never ending chain that would one day bankrupt you if you are not careful.


Frugality drives innovation. Invent your way out of a tight financial spot. More money can often cause more serious problems for your business if your company fail to innovate.


Don’t buy stuff just because your neighbor has it. Resist that urge.

  • Even billionaires like Warren Buffet still lives in the same house he bought for $31,500 in 1958.
  • Bill gates still wears his $10 watch. Although he did pay $30million dollars for a Da Vinci book.
  • Mark Zuckerberg drives around a $30,000 car despite being a billionaire. He could have splurge on a Ferrari for everyday of the month.


All these Billionaires understand one simple rule. The bigger picture! Material desire should not be used to satisfy their egos. As long as their basic needs are met, it is good enough.


Buy what you need, not what you want.


Just keep in mind at all times that if you do not control your expenses, you might find yourself with nothing. When this happens, you are far from reaching your goal – success.


Maintain a low profile

Every one of use would probably want to burst out and share to the world how successful we might have been. However, the truly successful people do not really care about boasting their achievements to others. 


Do you know why?


The main reason is the fact that they are too busy making more achievements and they do not have too much time to show off what they have got. 


Do not just focus on bragging your achievements to others. Let other people recognize your success in life. 



Tony says, “If you don’t plant what you want, weeds will grow automatically.”

So it is very important to change your mental state.


Emotions are like Habits. You have to identify them.


Who you are is what you had been tolerating, so you got used to using the language, your outlook and certain body language.


So those things when you use so often, gradually resides within your psyche!


So the solution that Tony recommends is training yourself physically. Our mental state is like a muscle. You can train yourself to avoid being depressed, frustrated, angry or pissed off all the time.


The more we train our mental state, the more wired and automatic it gets.


Priming is a process to train and direct you mind to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


Watch this video on youtube on this 10 minute exercise on priming.


Gratitude –should always be a part of our daily mantra. Remember that everything that you have earned will be useless without you – this means that your acknowledgment is a very important factor for you to genuinely feel successful.



Lesson 12: Stay Hungry

If you ask Tony what is the MOST IMPORTANT KEY to success above anything else!

It’s NOT Talent.

It’s NOT Skill.



Tony was obsessed about how people’s lives turn out so differently.


He considered, “Was it due to luck?” Growing up in a family that loves each other, who are educated and financially well off. They get to travel yearly to learn and expand their minds.


But when you think about it, it doesn’t really hold up because a majority of them, (not all) don’t build any muscle, they’re not hungry for life because everything was given to them.


They don’t have the hunger that can give them drive.


If you have enough hunger inside, and you say you have to take things to the next level because if you don’t, you will starve or you will not have a house to live in.


Now that makes the difference.


Why do we become so inspired by the stories of people who had a very bad background but then go on to live their lives with so much passion, fortitude, positivity and success?


When you tell people where you are today in spite of what happened in your life, it becomes a much more interesting story isn’t it?

Let me tell you this story, a child raising another child.


A story about a 13 year old mother who didn’t know what to do with her baby and she was sexually abused more than three times by various people.


When the baby turns 13, she followed in her mother’s footsteps and was pregnant with a child as well. And that child died at birth.


What would that do to a mother? Now her child went insane and had to be institutionalized. Ended up being released to a man who claimed to be her father.


By now you should have figured out that this is the story of Oprah Winfrey.


She went through all that and during a time in the US where people were judged by the color of their skin and not by their character.

This woman became the one of the most influential figures in the world. She is the only African-American female Billionaire on the

FORBES list.

So whatever story you have been told about the economy or whatever around you should not be a limiting story to your belief system.


STAY HUNGRY, STAY FOOLISH ~ Whole Earth Catalog quoted by Steve Jobs

Never be satisfied with yourself, where you are or what cards you have been dealt with should not stand in your way. Keep trying and prove to everyone else who say otherwise that it can be done.

Focus on solutions

The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need! You are here:

“Where Focus goes, Energy Flows”


The Best part about life and in business is when you get a surprise.

Yes or No?


If the surprise is good then yes you will love it, but when you get a surprise which is a nightmare, then it becomes a problem.

But then again you have to ask yourself: “Is it really a problem or a gift?”


Far too often we look at a problem so regretfully by cursing our own luck that we fail to realize about the door that has opened for us.


We have a belief that problems are just pure bad luck, but when one gets it in a streak of bad luck then you must begin to question yourself, why?


All it takes in reality is probably just a small shift in your thoughts and decision making.


Often times when you keep getting the same problems over and over again, it is probably wise to examine internally instead of externally.


Stop blaming the people around you with the current problem that you have. 


Yes, you have to trace and look back at everything but you should not be stagnant at the problem.


Problems are inevitable in life. However, what changes the game is what you do to overcome them.

Here’s how you get past them:

  • Look at the bigger picture or take a deeper introspection
  • Change something you keep doing again and again. Sometimes a minute shift is all it takes to change the outcome.


How you define your problems, is how you would deal with them.


If you are able to identify the gift within the problem then you will be able to use it to grow and bounce back with an even greater force.


Sometimes the only problem in itself is how we react to it in the first place.

The Only 12 Biggest Life-Changing ideas from Tony Robbins That Struggling Entrepreneurs Need!

The Power of preparation

A large portion of our lives is spent on preparation.

Grade 1 is used to prepare for Grade 2, and that in turns prepare us for Grade 3, and so on.


It is the little preparations that make all the difference between a person of success from failure to perform.


You have to prepare yourself for success, so when opportunity arrives, you will be ready to receive it.


If there is only one thing you can take away from this book, then let it be this:


“Opportunity passes by the Person who is Unprepared.” ~ Jim Rohn


What we normally call luck is actually the meeting between preparation and opportunity.

How do you prepare for success? 


Taking Massive Action


Develop the ability to take massive action.

When the idea is right & the emotion is strong,

Take Action.

Read a book, read the second book, read a third,

And before the feeling passes and the idea dims,

ACT on it

A week from now, a month from now

A year from now when the ideas subside.

Your urgency will no longer be present!

Time & Wisdom will be wasted.

So take disciplined action today.




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