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Bitpay Receives $510,000 From Investors image

Bitpay Receives $510,000 From Investors

BitPay has announced that it has secured a funding round of $510,000 from outside investors. The investors include Barry Silbert, founder of SecondMarket, a trading platform used by institutional investors to exchange shares in companies that have no...

CoinLab Sues MtGox image

CoinLab Sues MtGox

The partnership between CoinLab and MtGox that had been met with great fanfare when it was first announced at the end of February has now rapidly turned sour, as Coinlab opened a lawsuit against MtGox seeking $75 million in damages. The original plan...

Regulatory Responses to Bitcoin: 2013 Edition image

Regulatory Responses to Bitcoin: 2013 Edition

See also: the 2012 analog of this article. Correction: the IMF did not actually release the paper linked to in this article; the author was a University of Chicago professor with no direct ties to the organization In the past three months, regulatory...

LibertyBit Suspends Operations image

LibertyBit Suspends Operations

LibertyBit, the second largest Bitcoin exchange in Canada, has announced that it is suspending its operations and returning all funds to customers. The root cause of the shutdown is the closure of its RBC bank account on May 17 as well as “a surge of...

WalletBit Shuts Down image

WalletBit Shuts Down

WalletBit, a payment processor and online wallet that had acquired some attention especially in Canada and Denmark, has announced that it is shutting down on July 15. “Despite sales efforts,” the press release reads, “it is now unfortunately discover...