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Triple Entry Bookkeeping With Bitcoin image

Triple Entry Bookkeeping With Bitcoin

This article corresponds with David Mondrus’ January 29th post entitled “In Mining, We Trust” to the extent that this piece explains from an accounting perspective why a distributed public ledger might be needed, but does not provide a detailed techn...

The Promise of Crypto, Part 2 of 2 image

The Promise of Crypto, Part 2 of 2

The promise of Crypto part 2 of 2David Mondrus, MBA, Columbia University & Michael Frank, Ph.D. MIT Side Note: In part 1 of 2 we discussed “payloads with paychecks”, an exciting concept that could be considered the beginning of an “Operating System” ...

Cryptocurrency: Fundraising Evolved image

Cryptocurrency: Fundraising Evolved

If you read my previous articles about energy companies in the crypto space and a bank-free investment company, you might have noticed a growing trend. Most of the energy companies were using cryptocurrency to enhance fundraising efforts, and I also ...

Multisig: A Revolution Incomplete image

Multisig: A Revolution Incomplete

The author is involved in the Ethereum project. The author has no relationship with BitGo, Bitrated, Codius or CryptoCorp. Update: Ben Davenport from Bitgo has replied, saying that they already have an API to support use their service as a pure Crypt...