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Where to Spend Your Bitcoins image

Where to Spend Your Bitcoins

For those who have bought or earned their first supply of bitcoins, no matter how large or how small, the first question that often goes through people’s minds is: what can I do with them? The Bitcoin community focuses heavily on the various ways tha...

PayPal President Considers Bitcoin image

PayPal President Considers Bitcoin

After reaching $20 Billion in mobile transactions, PayPal President appeared on Bloomberg TV’s “The Pulse,” with Guy Johnson to discuss mobile security and share his thoughts on the Bitcoin currency. This morning, PayPal President, David Marcus, expr...

BitPay Raises $2 Million Led by Founders Fund image

BitPay Raises $2 Million Led by Founders Fund

Just this morning, BitPay’s press office released an announcement that the lead payment processor for bitcoin has raised an additional $2M in seed round financing led by Founder’s Fund. Founders fun includes three founders of PayPal. In support of hi...

Month In Review: May image

Month In Review: May

The Bitcoin community took a rather heavy beating this month. Our leading exchange, Mt. Gox, was sued by its former partner Coinlab, lost three of its deposit and withdrawal partners, and the company is under federal investigation in the US. Another ...

Bitcoin at Porcfest, Part 5: Conclusion image

Bitcoin at Porcfest, Part 5: Conclusion

By the end of the Porcfest, it has become clear that Bitcoin has become a standard tool in the libertarian’s toolbox. Over the course of six days and dozens of presentations, Bitcoin has been mentioned more often than even old stalwarts like gold, si...