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Counterparty and Bitcoin Apps Have Fun With Crypto image

Counterparty and Bitcoin Apps Have Fun With Crypto

The burgeoning online gaming industry is turning its attention to incorporating digital currencies, including bitcoin, into various platforms to get people excited about blockchain and the use of the digital currency. Two companies taking advantage o...

Bitcoin Adoption Opportunity: Teenagers image

Bitcoin Adoption Opportunity: Teenagers

If Bitcoin is to achieve mainstream success it cannot stop at the limited crowds of Internet geeks, libertarians and privacy advocates that it is hitting now, and it must find some way to attract the mainstream public. The mainstream public seems lik...

The Wasted Electricity Objection to Bitcoin image

The Wasted Electricity Objection to Bitcoin

One of the main arguments in favor of fiat currencies as opposed to currencies based on a scarce resource, whether gold, silver or Bitcoins, is that time must be wasted mining something that has no intrinsic value. Would it not be much more efficient...

Bitcoinica: An Obituary image

Bitcoinica: An Obituary

The last few days have unfortunately brought one piece of grim news after another to the Bitcoin community. As if the 43000 BTC Linode theft in March was not enough, another 18457 BTC was stolen from Bitcoinica’s reserves, and Zhou Tong was barely ab...